Concept and Execution

Every shoot that we arrange has a concept and execution plan. It can be quite free on the day of shooting, however the base of the shoot must be strong otherwise things can spiral downhill very quickly. 

I had a shoot early this year which somewhat frustrated me due to all the creatives who were on the shoot had their own idea of how they wanted it to be executed. To be honest, it was a mess. From the garments to the styling, hair to the make up. everyone had their own input of what they wanted to do. 

@Khanums Moodboard

@Khanums Moodboard

I believe when it comes to projects and shoots that are very creative, there must be at least one key person that is directing the entire shoot. There must be a clear plan and a clear outcome of what you have in mind. 

How can you do this? Here are a few pointers of how I plan a concept 

  • First things first. MOOD BOARD
    I do not ever plan a creative shoot without a concept in mind which then goes on to a board. 
    The board will consist of a theme as seen below. This Mood board was created for
    Her new collection of jackets and blazers are heavily embellished and the founder and I discussed the full concept weeks before the shoot. From what I took back from our conversation, I created the above mood board. A few key words I kept in mind from our conversation:
    - Hotel
    - Editorial
    - Glow


  • Select and choose the team you are working with. -Stylist - Make up Artist - Creative Director (If your'e not an over controlling freak like myself haha)  Sometimes this can be difficult depending on who you are shooting for. I have been quite lucky in being able to suggest members of my team for various roles in a shoot. To be honest, it helps me on the day in being confident. 
  • MODEL! Now this feature for me is very, if not, the most important factor. If you know me, have worked with me or have ever been in the discussion with working with me, one of my most pushed element for a good shoot is a model. You would think that was common sense right? Wrong. Sometimes brands and individuals just want to go for the ''instagram model'' because shes cheap (no offence) and cheerful. I don't agree with that. It is unfair and to be honest, you will notice all the difference in your work. And if anyone ever wants to be cheeky and compare my work of the two, you'll see the biggest difference. STICK TO REAL MODELS.
  • EXECUTION: The day has come and you're ready to shoot. First things first, team briefing. Make sure EVERYBODY is on the same page. From the hair and make up artists to the assistants on the shoot. It is a vital everybody understands one another. 
    - Set Up: I am hoping to do some posts of set ups for your shoot. 
    and finally: EXECUTE! 

Make sure to have fun. We can't always be serious and boring!! Enjoy the process because without the joy, it's just another day!


MAKE UP: @tanji.s
HAIR: @shax_ali

Ramadan- don’t just abstain from Food. Retain your soul

Another year has approached and aren’t we just so lucky.  

First thing I prepare for is trying to not take on bookings. Unfortunately, when you run a business, it comes with responsibility of keeping clients happy and satisfied and as much as it is a holy month, the economy does not stop. 

The best I do is take minimal bookings which means minimal editing time spent during this blessed month.  

A few advantages of having editing  

• listening to lectures/recitation whilst on the computer  

• minimising time wasted on being lazy  

• Staying away from unnecessary idle talk  

Some of my ideal targets through this month to help me continue through the rest of the year 

• Reciting. It’s so hard, I cannot lie. How many times do I open the Quran and recite unless it’s Surah al Kahf on a Friday.


• HEALTH! As much as it’s not a month of watching what you eat, actually, it’s probably the best month in being aware of what we put in our bodies. The amazing @zainab_fitforallah posts recommended sunnah foods on her Instagram page which are so easy to get hold of.

• To spend less time judging. Let’s be honest, my work and the type of work I do, I forever judge an outfit, a style, a look, anything. 
'Fasting is a shield; so when one of you is Fasting he should not use foul or foolish talk. If someone attacks him or insults him, let him say: "I am Fasting, I am Fasting!"' The Prophet Peace be upon Him

And not forgetting, plenty of salawat!

"Keeping the tongue free from ranting and raving, lying, backbiting, tale-telling, obscenity, abusive speech, wrangling, and hypocrisy. Rather, one should busy oneself with the remembrance and exaltation of Allah, as well as the recitation of the Holy Koran - this is the fasting of the tongue." Imam Ghazali


As a keen lover of books, I will be making a separate post of some recommendations that can be found at @daraltaqwa London.